HBCU/MSI Faculty Summer Research Program

Program Description

ORNL sponsors summer research appointments for faculty of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and other Minority Educational Institutions (MSIs). The objective is to increase the number of collaborations and to foster long-term relationships between ORNL research staff and HBCU/MSI faculty members. Selected applicants will serve 10-week appointments at ORNL. They will collaborate with the Laboratory’s research staff on a project of high significance.

Eligibility and Benefits

The program is open to full-time faculty at institutions of higher learning that are designated by the federal government as HBCUs, Hispanic-Serving Institutions, Tribal Colleges, or Alaska Native or Native Hawaiian Serving Institutions. Participants will receive a competitive monthly stipend, limited inbound/outbound travel reimbursements, and a weekly housing allowance to offset housing costs.

HBCU/MSI Faculty Summer Program Duration and Location

Successful applicants to HBCU/MSI Faculty Summer Program will be expected to serve their appointments at ORNL for a continuous 10-week period.

HBCU/MSI Faculty Summer Program Application and Selection Process

A faculty application consists of the following:

How to Apply

The application form must be completed through Zintellect and must include the following:

Curriculum Vitae

The curriculum vitae should include the applicant’s name, address, employment record, education, awards, special skills, and a list of recent publications. Provide a complete reference for each published article (title, authors, journal name, volume, starting page number, and year published). Include a one-page statement of current and past research and research interest. Social security numbers and dates of birth should not be included in order to protect the personally identifiable information (PII).


Two references are required and must be submitted before the application is considered complete.

Proposal Short Summary

Applicants should include a short summary of why they would like to participate, why they are qualified to do so, and how serving an appointment would further their professional careers. Capabilities, special skills, and experience from which the project would benefit should also be emphasized.

Description of Benefits

Applicants should describe how ORNL and the HBCU/MSI Faculty will benefit from the collaboration. It is important to explain how this collaboration will lead to an ongoing research partnership.

HBCU/MSI Faculty Summer Program Selection Process

A committee of ORNL staff members will review applications and forward them to the appropriate ORNL lead investigators for consideration.

Faculty appointments will be made on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. The strength of the applicant’s capabilities and experience.
  2. The match between the applicant’s qualifications and the research needs of the selected project.
  3. The potential for establishing an ongoing research partnership.