High Performance Computing Internships through Department of Energy EERE AMMTO (HPCI)

 High Performance Computing Internship (HPCI) at ORNL aims to help undergraduate, graduate, and recent graduates develop practical skills while researching national energy consumption through using high-performance computing. ORNL houses Frontier, the world’s fastest supercomputer, making this facility uniquely positioned to utilize high-performance computing to address the world’s most pressing issues.



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ORNL participates in the Department of Energy EERE AMMTO High Performance Computing Internship Program.

The HPCI program at ORNL provides participants the opportunity to work on projects improving battery technology, such as battery chemistry or improved manufacturing processes. During the participant’s 10-week summer program, they will be mentored by an ORNL staff member with a focus on developing long-lasting relationships with their mentor and the national lab.

2024 EERE AMMTO Summer Internships are postponed until further notice.


  • Summer only
  • 10-weeks
  • On-site

Eligibility Overview

  • U.S. citizen
  • Age 18+
  • Studying a major related to high-performance computing
  • Meets one of the following criteria:
    • Fully enrolled undergraduate student at the junior or senior level
    • Enrolled as a full-time graduate student
    • Earned an undergraduate (AS/BS) or graduate degree (MS) in the last 2 years

Pay and Allowances

All internships at ORNL are paid internships. Visit the student application page for detailed information on pay and allowances.


How to Apply

Check application opening and closing dates.
Apply on the Apply on the DOE EERE AMMTO HPCI website: COMING SOON
Connect with an ORNL mentor

Additional Resources

Learn more about ORNL

Learn more about the HPCI program

Do you have questions? That’s okay!
For questions about ORNL internships, email [email protected].
For questions about the application process, email [email protected]

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