High School Student Opportunities

ORNL’s K-12 education programs help foster an early interest in science by providing scholarly competitions, summer education workshops, science camps, and various research participation opportunities. All of the programs involving students under the age of 18 have been moved to the K-12 Education Programs. The K-12 programs at ORNL include the following:

Next Generation STEM Internships Program (NGSI)

Are you a rising junior/senior or a recently graduated senior (within two years of graduation who has not yet enrolled in college) and in good standing at an accredited high school or enrolled in an accredited home school program in Anderson, Blount, Knox, Roane or Loudon County? Looking to participate in a summer STEM internship at ORNL? The NEXTGENS internship program may be for you!


 High School Research Experience (HSRE)

High school students attending Oak Ridge High School (ORHS), Hardin Valley Academy (HVA), Farragut High School (FHS), and the L&N STEM Academy may be eligible to participate in research experiences through the following programs:

Interested students should connect with the school program coordinator to identify a hosting mentor at ORNL. The program application will be made available once the mentor–student connection has been confirmed.

Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC)/ ORNL High School Summer Math Science Technology Institute

The ARC/ORNL High School Summer Math Science Technology Institute has occurred annually at ORNL for many years. The ARC/ORNL Summer Institute is a 2-week program that provides a short-term, hands-on research experience for small groups of high school students and STEM teachers from the 13-state Appalachian Region. The students and teachers are nominated by state ARC representatives and selected by the ARC. ORNL mentors are invited to work with either a team of teachers or a team of students on focused, inquiry-based applied projects that provides opportunities for the participants to be engaged in current projects at ORNL. The program highlights the critical value of ORNL and its science resources that are available to the Appalachian Region.

For more information about high school opportunities, please email highschool@ornl.gov.